Monday, May 18, 2009

Rainbow Flash

The "Western" news sources picked up the information about police arresting a bunch of people (the numbers are unclear, but I've seen sources quote 40-80 people) at the gay rights rally in Moscow on Saturday. The arrests included some foreigners, which sort of automatically makes the news a big deal in the international media.

This picture taken in front of the Winter Palace (housing the Hermitage) makes me really happy:

More pictures here:

On May 17th, the gay rights groups organized "flash mobs" (spontaneous gatherings) in several Russian cities, including St. Petersburg. In St. Petersburg, the women and men marched down the central street to the main square of the city to release their rainbow colored balloons. The messages scribbled on the balloons read "I am gay. And this is also good" (playing off a line of a famous poem), "We don't hide anymore." In St. Petersburg, the Rainbow Flash was peaceful. Neither the police nor the anti-gay groups got involved. These pictures make me happy.

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