Monday, December 22, 2014

No Room for Disconent published by Hobart

"Four decades after breaking off our high school romance, we found each other again, I, Phillip, twenty-five years into my second marriage, and I, Lily, divorced. Five beautiful children between the two of us scattered across the globe. Found each other? That sounds so pat; I certainly wasn’t looking for you, Lily. My marriage with Katherine wasn’t exciting, but comfortable. Okay, what would you like us to say? More like “crashed” or “stormed.” Fine, Phillip and Lily stormed into each other’s lives, the memories of our past making it easy to believe that we were fated to be together. First concert we ever went to, Simon & Garfunkel at Madison Square Garden, back in 1972. Took the train to the city to window shop and pretend we were an adult couple. We had just the right house on West 80th street picked out, near the Museum of Natural History.

That was ages ago, and now: a whirlwind romance—certain things are simpler and clearer with a lifetime of bad decisions behind us—but happy ever after hit the first snag at the matter of real estate . . . " Read the rest of the story on Hobart Literary Journal's website.

Friday, December 19, 2014


On November 24, Bowie happened.