Friday, June 19, 2009

Park Point

There is a great scene in Grosse Point Blank when John Cusack's character returns to his childhood home and finds that it's been converted into a Minimart. John Cusack is distraught but trying not to show it. "You can never go home again," he says, "but I guess you can shop there."
This line comes up frequently, and usually for no good reason. Today though Dave and I visited RIT again. There's now a new mall on campus where a large swamp used to be. The school sold a part of its land to a development company, and then the company is supposed to sell the land back to the school 20 years from now. I guess it's supposed to be an investment. So we browsed through the brand new Barnes&Noble-RIT bookstore and had a cup of Starbucks coffee and some Abbott's Frozen Custard.
My feelings about this development are deeply ambivalent. If I have any feelings at all.