Monday, November 17, 2008

Wasted Sunday

I'm up late and drifting. Between the train and the blogs, I've read in five different ways today, and only one of them will be useful. And I was talking to somebody -- wasn't I? Just now I got myself involved in a chat fight, what a waste of carpal tunnels. It's supposed to continue tomorrow. But it won't. Will and June to the rescue.

Will and June need a title for their play. My best guess so far was after yoga last Thursday, "A matter of Will." But it won't work, because I refuse to let Will appropriate the title. He can't have it. If I finish the play by Wednesday, I can have the entire flight time to come up with the title.

I'm skipping gym tomorrow, it's decided.

I wanted to blog about Robert Olen Butler and the "white-hot space where you dream" and then also Ron Rozelle and "Description and Setting" to say that one is silly and the other is helpful, maybe to 10-year-olds. I know what the difference between metaphor and simile is. It's just like butterflies.

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