Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Blog

The exercise of writing a story a day has been very fruitful in my writing career. First time I tried it, the result was Кофе-Inn, a set of interconnected stories that, although written in English, became a Russian-language book and a blog. The second time I tried it in the form of the now-abandoned blog Surviving the Fictional. This last effort signified the need for a different venture back in July, when I published a poem Critical Distance.

These days, I write fiction on the full-time basis. The 9 to 5, the 8 to 6, more frequently, the 12 to 2 and 3:30 to 4 and 6:15 to 6:39. The blog I need for progress tracking, book reviewing, getting back at mean people, and that low point in the afternoon when I have to start writing but have trouble focusing. I am a slave to my medium. I use my Think Pad to write; I need online dictionaries to translate, synonymize, and wiki. Turning off the Internet is only good for an hour or two at a time; half an hour more and the integrity of my eyebrows is at stake.

Hence, the killing plot. I doubt that it is a necessary evil.

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