Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guest blog post on Well-Read Donkey

I wrote a guest post of the "Well-Read Donkey" blog, a blog of Kepler's Writing Group (Kepler's is a great independent bookstore in Menlo Park, a town where Dave happens to work). Here's an excerpt from my post:

"One of the ironies of my nascent writing career has been that, while I write most of my fiction in English, my publications are primarily in Russian. In the United States, my stories have appeared in a score of online magazines with various levels of affinity toward zombies, vampires, and the preternatural—even though I’m pretty sure I’ve never intentionally written genre fiction. In Russia, my second collection of short stories is scheduled to come out in September from a well-established publisher of literary fiction..." Read more here.


  1. I wish I could read russian. I love your writing so I feel like I'm missing out by not getting to peruse the collections!

  2. Theresa, at least half of those stories exist in English -- and I'm seriously planning to work on editing them this summer!
    How's your novel going??