Monday, April 5, 2010

an excerpt from “Broken Glass Park”

Words Without Borders posted an interesting excerpt from a novel called "Broken Glass Park" by Alina Bronsky (a pseudonym, which looks kinda like "Vronsky" if you read the first "B" as it's read in the Cyrillic alphabet, "V"). The excerpt from the novel itself doesn't strike me as yet another homage to "Anna Karenina," but then I wouldn't be surprised if the larger text of the novel took that turn.

The website claims that Alina Bronsky is a very private person and that not much is known about her, except that she was born in 1978 in Yekatirenburg (Sverdlovsk at the time). Which makes her inherently interesting as a representative of the ever-growing tribe of Perestroika-formed writers abroad..


  1. Yekaterinaburg in the Urals? Its interesting, my family in Siberia always called it Yekaterinaburg rather than Sverdlovsk. I love your writing.

  2. Olga what do you think of Andre Makine? I think he will be seen as one of the greatest writers ever, in the fullness of time.

  3. My grandmother's sister and her family lived in Ekaterinburg (Jekaterinburg, etc)/Sverdlovsk -- in conversation, my family always said Sverdlovsk first, but then explained to us, children: Ekatirenburg..

    I've read Makine's Crime of Olga Arbelina -- and don't really know what to think about it. Somehow it seems to me to capitalize on what is known as Russian writing abroad. Not necessarily a bad thing. "Requiem for a Lost Empire" is sitting on my shelf, hope to read it soon!