Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Great Los Angeles Times of 2010

As I am transitioning into my travel writing mode again, here's a fun video that shows the future of magazines:

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

This technology totally reminds of the electronic newspapers that Robert A. Heinlein invented in his 1957 novel, The Door Into Summer. Here's the passage where he describes an edition of "the Great Los Angeles Times, for Wednesday, 13 December, 2000":

Newspapers had not changed much, not in format. This one was tabloid size, the paper was glazed instead of rough pulp and the illustrations were either full color, or black-and-white stereo -- I couldn't puzzle out the gimmick on that last. ...

I could not find out how to open the durned thing. The sheets seemed to have frozen solid.

Finally I accidentally touched the lower right-hand corner of the first sheet; it curled up and out of the way...some surface-charge phenomenon, triggered at that point. The other pages got neatly out of the way in succession whenever I touched that spot. (122)
Uncanny, I think! O Robert Heinlein! The inventor of so many good things!

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