Friday, October 30, 2009

Rive Gauche

Yves Saint Laurent markets a brand of perfume named after a famous Parisian neighborhood, Rive Gauche. But apparently, Rive Gauche -- spelled Рив Гош -- is also a Russian chain store that sells perfume (yes, Yves Saint Laurent among others) and make up. Apparently, this store also gives out plastic bags, because I see these bags everywhere in the city. They must be good, strong plastic bags, the kind that can hold an umbrella and a pair of spare shoes, a book to read in the subway and a few grocery items. Carrying a plastic bag in addition to a purse or a messenger bag is part of the local fashion, and local Rive Gauche provides not only the durable kind, but also colorful. Their red, green, pink, blue, and black logo can match virtually any type of outfit and especially a coat. It's versatile. I feel like buying a bit of lipstick just for the privilege of carrying around a bag like this.

The weather finally is turning wintry. Today was sunny and frosty -- my hands and ears took the brunt of it. I didn't walk much today, but it's clearly time to move into my winter coat and boots and a Rive Gauche bag for slippers to change into when entering someone's house. No snow on the ground, unfortunately. This is bad. If it gets any colder, and the snow won't start falling soon, all the plants will freeze in the ground.

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