Thursday, March 26, 2009

Books and Books

I'm doing alright. If I'm lucky, I might finish two, even three books tonight. Plus, visit a gallery and another bookstore in Miami. I went to one yesterday, Books and Books in Coral Gables. It was a busy place with a lovely cafe in the courtyard. When I was leaving, they had two reading groups starting at the same time in two wings of the building, one in English, one in Spanish. There's a university nearby, that must help things.

Also, the South Beach. I drove into South Beach yesterday. It took me an hour to find parking: apparently, the city owns garage buildings that charge a dollar an hour. The city obviously tries to keep them a secret from tourists, because there are no signs whatsoever. When I walked out on Ocean Drive, I felt homesick for San Francisco. But then I drove to Books and Books and that was perfectly lovely. I've been looking for Mary Gaitskill's stories everywhere, but so far no luck.

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